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German Ministry of Finance declares Bitcoin payments sales-taxable

In a recent statement regarding the issue of taxation of Bitcoin as a means of payment, the German Ministry of Finance (Bundesministerium der Finanzen, BMF) classified the commercial sale of Bitcoin, and thus the use of Bitcoin as a currency as sales-taxable.

This kind of taxation could severely damage the commercial spread and application of Bitcoin in Germany. The BMF’s assessment stands in stark contrast to other EU-nations as the United Kingdom, which recently negated such a tax classification. The Bundesverband Bitcoin, German affiliate of the Bitcoin Foundation, has expressed its strong concern about the negative impact this decision might have on Germany as a location for upcoming and existing business and technology enterprises.

Full press release –> Press Release Bundesverband Bitcoin – PM-14-002_eng

German version –> Pressemitteilung Umsatzsteuer

Original answer –>  140512 – Antwort PStS Meister



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